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What is tchoukball and how is it played?

There are many athletic sports in the world, and one of them is tchoukball. It is a Swiss game which combines the features of volleyball and squash. It is also the fastest sports played today. It was invented by Swiss biologist Dr. Hermann Brandt in the 1960s. It is a game which combines versatility, fair-play, tactics and intensity. According to Dr. Hermann Brandt, the purpose of the game is to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents.What is tchoukball

How to play tchoukball?

Just like any other game, two teams play against each other to score points. These two teams have seven players each.


The game has two ‘frames’ on both ends of the court. These frames are 1-meter square, of which the net is a 78cm square. The frames are inclined at 55 degrees. The court has a line which runs 3 meters and forms a semi-circle. This area is called the ‘forbidden zone.’ It is also known as the ‘D.’

World Tchoukball Championships Women’s Division 2015

World Tchoukball Championships Men’s Division 2015

Men, women, and teenagers all can play the game of tchoukball. The size of the court depends on the age of the players. The International Standard size of the court is 40m by 20m.

Unlike other games which only allow scoring at one end, tchoukball players can score at both ends. This is what makes this game exciting and interesting to watch. There are several strategies for the players to attack and defend both ends. When playing the game, the players follow various defensive and attack strategies.

In the past, there were nine players on each side, but this rule was changed in 2004. Today, in the game of tchoukball, each side has seven players on the field and there are three to five substitutes. The players are positioned at specific places on the field: the wing position, center frames and center-center positions. The shooters are closest to the frame.

To ball by ball score, the players have to throw the ball at each other until the shooter hits the ball on the frame to score a point. The ball must land outside the ‘D’ after hitting the frame or else it will be a foul.

One of the most interesting ideas about the game is that everything is in 3s. It is what makes the game even more exciting to watch.

  • Each player has three seconds with the ball.
  • Each player is allowed to take three steps with the ball in the hand.
  • The ball must be passed from one player to the other at least three times before scoring.

Another thing which makes tchoukball interesting is the no-contact rule. The players from one team are not allowed to touch their opponents at any cost. This is how tchoukball maintains its fair play. When the players do not collide with each other, there are no chances of any mishaps during the game. This was the original idea behind the game. It not only provides a chance of fair play but also makes the game safe.

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