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In the late 60s when games like football, baseball, and tennis had a large number of injuries, a few people saw it as a big problem. One of them was Dr. Hermann Brandt, a well-known biologist at that time. He invented a game in which there are fewer chances of getting injured, and the game makes it necessary for players to respect each other. He invented this game and introduced it to the public in 1970. It is called tchoukball (pronounced “Chuke-ball”). The game is exciting, the rules are easy, and it is an excellent game. The purpose of this website is to tell players (new entrants) about the rules of the game and help them learn the tactics to play tchoukball.TCHOUKBALL

It is a game that has two ‘rebound frames’ that are at the end of the court on both sides. Just like a football ground, there is an area called the “forbidden zone” or the “D.” It is a line which runs from the center of the frame, is 3 meters long, and forms a semi-circle.

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The size of the court depends on the number of players. The international standard size of the full court is 40m by 20m in size. Unlike other games, players can score points at both ends of the court. To score a point, the players must hit the ball at the rebound so that it lands outside of the ‘D.’

Why Play Tchoukball?

Unlike other games, tchoukball is not an aggressive game. The inventor of the game Hermann Brandt invented tchoukball with rules and tactics which helped remove any aggressiveness from the game. He thought the aggressiveness was the reason people got injured so much while playing sports, which is why he created tchoukball. Although the rules are simple, the game does not allow team members to interfere with other team members. It ensures that players only concentrate on their own game and thus, prevent any mishap.

Why Play Tchoukball

Tchoukball combines the excitement of quick-play games like volleyball and handball with competitiveness, fun and a quick sport. It is an excellent game for fitness lovers. The game requires the players to work as a team to win.


Tchoukball has a simple field which varies in size depending on the number of players in the game. The size of the pitch also depends on the level of players. The players can score at both ends by hitting the rebounder. The “D” plays an important part in scoring a point.

Tchoukball Tactics

The Rules of Three

  1. The player must pass the ball to the next player within three seconds.
  2. The player who holds the ball can take three steps only.
  3. It is a must for a team to throw the ball at the rebounder to score a point after making three passes.


  • The players are allowed to throw the ball at either of the rebounders.
  • If a team throws the ball at the rebound and does not hit the rebound surface, a point will be given to the opponent.
  • The team scores a point if the player hits the rebound and the ball bounces back and lands outside the ‘D’ before the other team catches the ball.
  • The play continues if none of it happens.

Tchoukball Fouls

The following are the rules for fouls which results in the loss of ball possession.

  • The players are not allowed to stand in the ‘D’ with the ball.
  • A team can only take three consecutive shots in the frame.
  • Interference with another team’s passes or movement is strictly forbidden.
  • A team can pass the ball three times, and the 4th pass is a foul.
  • Players are not allowed to catch rebound shots of their players.
  • It is a foul to go out of the play area.
  • It is a foul to drop the ball.

If a foul occurs, the opposing team is given the ball where the foul occurred. To start the game from there, the person holds the ball in two hands and touches the ball to the ground. Once a point is scored, the ball is given to the other team to restart the game behind the rebound frame.

Tchoukball is a game with easy rules and a fair game play. It is fun to play and watch.


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