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Tchoukball Positions

One of the most exciting games is tchoukball. It is the game in which players learn how to respect others and play the game without any aggressiveness. A Swiss biologist Dr. Hermann Brandt invented the game in the late 60s. It is a very popular game in schools and colleges. There are international events too which take place every year in different countries of the world.

The rules of the game do not allow the players to mingle with each other and interfere with the gameplay. The positions of the players are very precise, and it is because of these positions that the players can play the game without any mishap. According to the inventor of the game, the game is created to reduce injuries and accidents. The rules of the game are very strict and the players’ positions are such that they do not allow any physical interaction with the opponents, reducing the chances of incurring injuries.

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Tchoukball Positions

Just like any other game such as baseball, squash, and volleyball, the players are given specific positions. It is with these positions that the players can ensure that they win the game. Every player has a particular role which he has to fulfill at his position. These positions are also important for a fair game.

Tchoukball Positions

There is a total of seven positions on one side of the field. These are wing positions taken by four players, one position taken by the center-forward, and the center-pivot takes one position. Here is a detail about the positions of the players in the field. There are three categories of players based on their position on the field.

Four wing positions

These are the two right wings and two left wings. These four positions are the attack positions as mostly it is these four players who attack and make a shot at the frame. This is the reason that the teams choose their best players to be in these four positions.Four wing positions Tchoukball Positions

These are the positions that the players take on the right and left sides of the frame or “D.” Each team has four wings: two on the left side of the frame or “D” and two are on the right side of the frame or “D.” As the players are at the sides of the frames, it makes them the main shooters or shot-makers. However, the wing players have to remain in their positions and not cross the “D.” If they do so, it will be a foul*.

Center-frame or center-forward position

This is the most critical position. The role of the players in this position is crucial for winning the game. There are two center frames or center forwards, one on each team. The players who are in the center frame position act as a defense. The center frames are in charge of the line. They can also be shooters and make shots as a last resort. It is also the center forwards who are responsible for catching the ball once it rebounds from the frame. Thus, this position puts a lot of responsibility on the player.

Center pivot

This position is critical in defense. The center-pivot player is in the middle of the field close to the center line. There is one center-pivot position in each team who is in charge of the second line defense and other large-scale strategies. The player at the center-pivot position usually stays close to the middle of the field and does not move around much as he is also responsible for directing the moves.

These positions are vital for playing the game. The game has to start with the players in these positions, but during the game, when the players move, the position can change. Once a point is scored, the players take their positions again to restart the game.

* If a foul occurs, the opponent will take the same position where the foul occurred.

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