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Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Seminar

Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Seminar

The Tchoukball Federation or the FITB has always conducted seminars to make sure that people learn how to play the game. These seminars are held across the world annually, and their purpose is to provide proper tchoukball training and education to the people of that country.  The Asia-Pacific Seminar is attended by the delegates from […]

Pan American Tchoukball Championships

Tchoukball Championships

One of the most enjoyable and exciting tchoukball events is the Pan American Tchoukball Championships. It is also known as PATC 2016. It is an event in which teams from Pan America take part and play to defend their titles. In 2014, the champions were Brazil from the men’s teams and Columbia from the women’s […]

Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Championships

Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Championships

Tchoukball has evolved ever since its first game in 1971. Today, the game is played all over the world in Asia, Europe, America and many other countries. There are a lot of events which take place biennially. One of those events is the Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Championships. One of the most awaited tchoukball events this year […]

What is tchoukball and how is it played?

What is tchoukball

There are many athletic sports in the world, and one of them is tchoukball. It is a Swiss game which combines the features of volleyball and squash. It is also the fastest sports played today. It was invented by Swiss biologist Dr. Hermann Brandt in the 1960s. It is a game which combines versatility, fair-play, […]

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