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World Tchoukball Championships Women’s Division 2015

The indoor sport of tchoukball has seen an exponential increase in its popularity in the recent times. The brainchild of Hermann Brandt, tchoukball is a unique game that shares elements of handball, volleyball, and squash. Hermann Brandt is said to have invented the sport because he was concerned with the increasing aggressiveness in sports and wanted it to contribute towards building a more humane society. Due to the nobility and uniqueness associated with this sport, more and more people are tuning into the annually-held World Tchoukball Championships.World Tchoukball Championships Women's Division 2015

The World Tchoukball Championships for the year 2015 was hosted by the Republic of China (a nation that has dominated the sport in the recent years). Thirteen countries took part in this event which had many subdivisions such as the Men’s division, Women’s division, U18 Girls’ division, and U18 Boys’ division, with the hosts China having two teams in the Men’s and Women’s division (even though the points for the second Chinese team i.e. Republic of China B were deducted). The Women’s Division of the World Tchoukball Championships for the year 2015 was a hotly contested event, the results of which are mentioned below along with the group tables and points scored and conceded.

World Tchoukball Championships Women’s Division 2015 Result

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost Points scored Points conceded Points
1 ROC 5 5 0 0 260 138 15
2 SIN 5 4 0 1 250 202 13
3 HKG 5 3 0 2 227 227 11
4 GBR 5 2 0 3 193 223 9
5 MAC 5 0 0 5 166 229 5
6 ROC B 5 1 0 4 148 225 0
WTC 2015 Women: Playoff 3rd Place
HKG 31 :38 GBR
WTC 2015 Women: Final
ROC 50 :34 SIN


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