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Pan American Congress

Every year, there are a lot of seminars, events, and tchoukball tournaments. These events are all related to the game. A few events, however, are held to focus on how one can improve the game or the events. One such event is the Tchoukball Pan American Congress. It is one of the few official meetings held by the tchoukball officials. It is a meeting where they discuss the future of the game. They discuss the rules that should be applied and the changes that should be made.Pan American Congress

Some Tchoukball stakeholders participate in the conference to discuss the sports. FITB arranges these seminars and congress meetings in Europe and Asia. This is the first congress in Pan America.

The purpose of the Pan American Congress

The purpose of the Pan American Congress is to discuss the current events and championships in the Pan American region which includes Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and other nations. Another purpose of the Congress is to assess the current events and formulate a new strategy for the Pan American tchoukball tournaments and seminars.

The delegates, managers, coaches and a few other FITB officials will attend the 2-day Pan American Congress.

The most important point which will be discussed at the meeting is how to improve the game. The meeting of the officials will decide how to make the tchoukball game more popular among the American nations which are not participating in the event. The congress will also discuss how to educate people about the game in the future. It will assess the past meetings and formulate a new strategy to move ahead. The congress will also make new rules and regulations for the game and introduce new strategies and tactics.

Date and venue

This year, the Pan American Congress will take place in Morelos, Mexico. It will be a two-day congress session. The event will be held from 22 July 2016 to 24 July 2016. The Tchoukball president will address the congress before it officially starts.

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