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How Many People Are on a Tchoukball Team?

90% people don’t know “How Many People Are on a Tchoukball Team”. Tchoukball is One of the most played games in Switzerland . It is a game which was invented by Dr. Hermann Brandt in the 1970s. It is one of the most exciting games played across the world and the quickest handball game in the world.How Many People Are on a Tchoukball Team?

Purpose of the game

According to the inventor of the game, Dr. Hermann Brandt, the goal of the game is not to just score and win. It is to play with skills while respecting the opponents. It is a game about teamwork, concentration and athleticism. There are two ways to play the game: with a single net and with a double-net.

Number of players In Tchoukball

The number of players in a tchoukball team which plays a single-net game is nine. From these nine, only six players can play the game. The remaining three are substitutes. Similarly, the number of players in a tchoukball team which plays a double-net game is fifteen. From these fifteen players, only nine players can play the game and the remaining six are the substitutes.

The intensity of the game

At the higher level, the game is very intense. The players are not allowed to have physical contact with each other, but they are free to express themselves during the match according to the rules. These rules make the game even more intense. The audience feels the intensity of the game where, after every 20 or 30 seconds, a point is scored.

The versatility of the game

There are many versions of the game and a different number of players play in each version. The game is also designed to play indoors. It can be played in small arenas as well as in outdoor arenas. The most popular type of play area is an indoor sports hall. However, this does not mean that it is an indoor game. There are versions of this game which include playing on the beach. In fact, there has been an international Beach Tchoukball Tournament. Today, beach tchoukball is played all across the world. Tchoukball is versatile. In fact, there are many versions of the game where the play area is a swimming pool. The FITB is working on wheelchair tchoukball too.

The tactics

According to the Swiss biologist who invented this game, players will enjoy the game as it is full of tactics to beat the opponent. The fact that the opponents can use the same tactics makes the game even more exciting to watch and play. Beginners find the game unique and exciting. Furthermore, it is easy to learn the game and with a limited number of players playing the game, it becomes really intense.

Teamwork is a crucial part of the game. The purpose of the game is to teach players the importance of teamwork. It makes sure that the players are always coordinating with each other and ensures that the players are vigilant and pay constant attention to the game. It tests the players for their:

  • constant attention,
  • observation,
  • anticipation,
  • intelligence,
  • athletic ability, and

It is these capabilities that make athletes a great player. The purpose of the game is not just to be a great player but a great human too. If you observe, all of these traits make a good person and not just a good team player.

Fair play

The creator of the game said that its purpose is not to just win but to ensure that the players can contribute to a greater and harmonious society. The game has a unique charter and its rules are not like any other game on earth. These rules make this game unique. Fair play and respecting opponents are an integral part of the game. The game rules focus on all the players in the game or sitting on the bench as substitutes to abide by the rules of fair play.

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