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Cheap Places to Drink in Dubai

Dubai’s got some of the best bars, restaurants, cafes, bistros and more in all of the world and it’s your mission to visit each one of them and drink as much as possible, right?

Well, maybe not, but we can dream.  Going out to a bar with friends can sometimes result in a much lighter wallet than you intended and sometimes this can put a bit of a damper on the night, so let’s tackle that directly and start looking for some cheaper places to enjoy some drinks with your friends in Dubai.

Beat the expensive bar bill the next time you and your friends go out for a few drinks with this handy useful list of some of the best affordable places in Dubai to have a drink.

Chill out, have a nice drink and then spend some time on the golf course in Dubai.

Fibber Magee’s, Sheikh Zayed Road

This relaxed and atmospheric Irish pub experience in Dubai is located on Sheikh Zayed Road and offers some of the best Irish drinks and food in Dubai.  With a quirky décor full of barrel tables and authentic Irish decorations, you’ll be hard pressed to find something as uniquely Irish as Fibber Magee’s elsewhere in the world.  Perfect for a night out with your friends and a big hit with the Irish amongst us.

Fai, Souk Al Bahar

This Asian cocktail lounge has some of the best views of the second largest choreographed fountain show in the world, The Dubai Fountains, right beneath the World’s Tallest Building, the Burj Khalifa.  Find a nice and comfortable space in Fai, there are plenty, and enjoy the show while you enjoy some of the best cocktails on offer at Souk Al Bahar.  Fai is located in Downtown Dubai inside Souk Al Bahar.

Stables, Sheikh Zayed Road

This great sports bar with a heavy focus on horse racing is a wide open area with great music.  All of the best sporting matches and events will be played here, don’t worry it’s not all just horses, so you can visit almost anytime there’s a major event on.  Great for a night out with the lads, in our opinion.

Calabar at the Address Hotel

The Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai has an amazing view of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and the famous Dubai Fountain show so why not take advantage of the great prices and value at Calabar.  Enjoy the drinks, international DJs and the best views of the second largest choreographed fountain show in the world.

Warehouse, Le Meridien

Warehouse is a night out packed into a multi-faceted venue.  A unique sushi bar, wine cellar, beer garden and entertainment lounge gives you access to some of the best and most affordable cocktails in Dubai.  With local and international DJs playing sets all night long, you’ll be up and dancing, we guarantee it.

George and the Dragon

If you’re a little bit homesick and you want to feel like you’re back in Blighty, George and the Dragon is your place to be.  Get your fill of a British pub with this warm and inviting venue.  You’ll be able to watch all of the Premier League matches while you’re there, too.

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