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Tchoukball Pan American

Pan American Congress

Pan American Congress

Every year, there are a lot of seminars, events, and tchoukball tournaments. These events are all related to the game. A few events, however, are held to focus on how one can improve the game or the events. One such event is the Tchoukball Pan American Congress. It is one of the few official meetings […]

Pan Tchoukball American Seminar

Pan Tchoukball American Seminar

The Tchoukball Federation or the FITB conducts annual seminars to promote the game in different countries of the world. These tchoukball seminars are usually held in Asia, Europe, and America. They are prestigious events attended by the delegates and FITB officials. They help educate the locals as well as the delegates from different countries. The […]

Pan American Tchoukball Championships

Tchoukball Championships

One of the most enjoyable and exciting tchoukball events is the Pan American Tchoukball Championships. It is also known as PATC 2016. It is an event in which teams from Pan America take part and play to defend their titles. In 2014, the champions were Brazil from the men’s teams and Columbia from the women’s […]

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