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Tchoukball Pan American

Pan American Tchoukball Championships

One of the most enjoyable and exciting tchoukball events is the Pan American Tchoukball Championships. It is also known as PATC 2016. It is an event in which teams from Pan America take part and play to defend their titles. In 2014, the champions were Brazil from the men’s teams and Columbia from the women’s team. They will defend their titles this year.Tchoukball Championships

The Pan American Tchoukball Federation with the FITB is hosting the championship. It will have the men’s teams from different countries including Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Columbia and Chile. The women’s teams include Brazil Mexico, Chile, and Columbia.

Just like any other tchoukball championship, the Pan American Championships will start with an opening ceremony where the president of the FITB will address the players, coaches and delegates from the participating countries.




The Pan American Tchoukball Championships is a three-day event. On the first day i.e. 27th July, a few matches will be played along with the opening ceremony. Delegates from Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, and Chile will attend the opening ceremony. The third day will be the day for the closing ceremony where the FITB president will give the trophy to the champions.

The rules of the championship are simple. Throughout the tournament, every team will play a single match against every other team. The team with most wins and points will be crowned as the champion. The runner-ups will also receive awards.

Date and venue

This year, the Pan American Tchoukball Championships will take place in Mexico. The event will be held from 27th July 2016 to 29th July 2016. The venue for the championships is Morelos, Mexico. It is one of the most beautiful places and has the best courts for the game.

The purpose of the Pan American Tchoukball Championships is not just to have a tournament and crown champions. The FITB also ensures that there are several other events associated with the championship. These events along with the tournament are a great way for entertaining the audience.

Pan American Congress

Every year, there are a lot of seminars, events, and tchoukball tournaments. These events are all related to the game. A few events, however, are held to focus on how one can improve the game or the events. One such event is the Tchoukball Pan American Congress. It is one of the few official meetings held by the tchoukball officials. It is a meeting where they discuss the future of the game. They discuss the rules that should be applied and the changes that should be made.Pan American Congress

Some Tchoukball stakeholders participate in the conference to discuss the sports. FITB arranges these seminars and congress meetings in Europe and Asia. This is the first congress in Pan America.

The purpose of the Pan American Congress

The purpose of the Pan American Congress is to discuss the current events and championships in the Pan American region which includes Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and other nations. Another purpose of the Congress is to assess the current events and formulate a new strategy for the Pan American tchoukball tournaments and seminars.

The delegates, managers, coaches and a few other FITB officials will attend the 2-day Pan American Congress.

The most important point which will be discussed at the meeting is how to improve the game. The meeting of the officials will decide how to make the tchoukball game more popular among the American nations which are not participating in the event. The congress will also discuss how to educate people about the game in the future. It will assess the past meetings and formulate a new strategy to move ahead. The congress will also make new rules and regulations for the game and introduce new strategies and tactics.

Date and venue

This year, the Pan American Congress will take place in Morelos, Mexico. It will be a two-day congress session. The event will be held from 22 July 2016 to 24 July 2016. The Tchoukball president will address the congress before it officially starts.

Pan Tchoukball American Seminar

The Tchoukball Federation or the FITB conducts annual seminars to promote the game in different countries of the world. These tchoukball seminars are usually held in Asia, Europe, and America. They are prestigious events attended by the delegates and FITB officials. They help educate the locals as well as the delegates from different countries. The representatives and officials from the Pan American countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and other nations will attend the seminar. The president of the Tchoukball Association or FITB will also attend it. The seminar is not just about giving presentations; there are many indoor and outdoor activities too.Pan Tchoukball American Seminar

Date and venue

This year, the Pan American Seminar will take place in Mexico under the supervision of FITB. The event is held from 25th July 2016 to 26th July 2016. The venue for the championships is Morelos, Mexico. It is a two-day event.

The purpose of the seminar

The main aim of the Pan American Seminar is to teach the rules and regulations of tchoukball to delegates from the Pan American countries. Just like all other seminars, the Pan American Seminar will start with a brief history of the game. It will teach delegates the strategies, tactics, and advantages of tchoukball. The purpose is to make sure that the delegates who have arrived from different countries properly understand the game and its benefits and introduce the game in their respective countries. The sole purpose of the Pan American Seminar 2016 is to make the game popular among these countries.

Another advantage of this event is that it will be helpful for the locals as well. The locals can participate in the event and learn about the game. Once the seminar starts, it attracts people from the neighboring countries too.

The Pan American Seminar also draws students from different schools and colleges in the Pan American region. A lot of colleges register for the seminar before the event. This year as well, there are many countries which will send delegates to the Pan American Seminar 2016.

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