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Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Seminar

The Tchoukball Federation or the FITB has always conducted seminars to make sure that people learn how to play the game. These seminars are held across the world annually, and their purpose is to provide proper tchoukball training and education to the people of that country.  The Asia-Pacific Seminar is attended by the delegates from all over Asia. The president of the Tchoukball Association also attends these seminars. It is not just an indoor seminar as there are many outdoor activities involved too.Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Seminar

Date and venue

This year, the Asia-Pacific Seminar will take place in China. The event will be held from 20th July 2016 to 21st July 2016. The FITB will host the Asia-Pacific Seminar in Qujing, Yunnan, China.

The purpose of the Tchoukball seminar

The purpose of the seminar is to teach the rules and regulations of the game to the delegates from Asia Pacific. The seminar starts with a brief history of the game and why it was invented. It teaches them strategies, tactics, and benefits of tchoukball. The purpose is to make sure that the delegates who have arrived from different parts of the country and Asia understand the game and introduce it in their respective countries. The sole purpose of the Asia-Pacific seminar is to make the game popular among these countries.

One of the major advantages of the seminar is that it teaches not only the delegates about tchoukball but also the locals. Of course, the primary goal is to introduce the game in the Asia-Pacific region via the delegates, but besides this, the locals can also participate in the event and learn. Once the seminar starts, it attracts people from the neighboring countries too. It is a 2-day event.

The seminar also draws students from different schools and colleges in the region. Many colleges register for the seminar before the event. This year, there are many countries that will send delegates to the Asia-Pacific Seminar 2016. Attend this seminar to learn about the game of tchoukball and even get a chance to meet the officials.

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